About  Dr. Docasar


Haydee Docasar MD is not your typical OB GYN practice. Her priority, explains Dr. Docasar, “is to provide personalized, knowledgeable health care services to women throughout every stage of their lives with compassion and respect for each individual throughout their changes”. In support of this mission, her practice offers all customary OB GYN services but also includes hormone balancing & therapy; bladder problems, ovarian cysts, infertility and other concerns as we reach every stage of our lives including medically supervised weight loss; cosmetic & antiaging treatments and IV Therapy because “customary” wasn’t meeting her patients’ needs.

As a trained surgeon and medical doctor, Dr. Docasar has pursued another set of ailments attributed to aging that few doctors have specialty in treating in a non-surgical manner. Dr. Haydee Docasar is the first in Las Vegas to be trained in the advanced techniques of the ThermiVA + PRP Shot specific for bladder dysfunction and sexual enhancement and the only OB-GYN Surgeon performing the top non surgical treatment of 2016- ThermiVa for vaginal rejuvenation.

There are countless annoying female problems which result from aging, childbirth, and gravity including vaginal laxity, sagging labia, painful intercourse due to lack of vaginal moisture or lubrication, reduced nerve sensation resulting in less sexual satisfaction, urinary incontinence or the need to urinate frequently. While not life threatening, these can be life altering. Her search for effective, safe and non-surgical methods of treatment for these disorders brought Dr. Docasar to the ThermiVa®. ThermiVa produces results which are immediately apparent, with little risk, no pain, and no recovery downtime. The ThermiVa treatment is non-surgical and is performed in office. To help patients them look their best, Dr. Docasar has added ThermiSmooth®, a non-invasive treatment to smooth skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. She comments, “The results on the patients have been amazing!”



  • Voted Las Vegas Top Doc 2016, MyVegas Magazine
  • Voted Las Vegas Top 100 Influential Women 2016, MyVegas Magazine
  • Honored as Affluence of Talent, Celebrating Luxury Professionals 2016 by DLXVRSN
  • Who’s Who Latinos 2016


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