“Ask DOCasar” Luscious Lip Advice and avoid Lip Service! By Dr. Haydee Docasar

Love your lips by asking the right questions and knowing your Lip Goals! The most common way to add volume to lips is by using either Restylane and Juvederm. Both are hyaluronic acid-based products that are excellent options for adding volume to the lips. The main differences between the products have to do with how they are used to achieve specific benefits for the lips and most importantly, a doctor who is trained and proficient in technique.

Traditional Restylane has a higher level of stiffness to the gel that is injected which assists in lips formation and to stay in place slightly better but Juvederm in comparison, tends to be softer and spread more than Restylane. Because of these differences they are best used for different goals when plumping. Most clients have spoken and they have overwhelmingly chosen Juvederm which distributes nicely in the tissue nicely giving a natural looking plumpness to the lips versus an unnatural lift.



Juvederm Ultra typically lasts 6-9 months while Juvederm Ultra Plus typically lasts 9-12 months. Both products now come in “XC” form as well, which means that lidocaine has been added to the product for an anesthetic effect with injection. Both products are similar in how they spread out into the tissue a little more than Restylane.

The most important point when considering any of these treatments is to find an injector who you trust and who you feel best understands the look that you are trying to achieve. A good physician with an aesthetic eye is very important when treating the lips in order to maintain normal anatomic features while adding volume so that you keep the lips looking proportional and get the most natural-looking enhancement.



The key difference between Juvederm and Restylane is in the duration. If you compare results of the two fillers after just one injection, Juvederm typically lasts from 9-12 months, whereas Restylane only lasts about 6 months. This is a distinct advantage for the patient and makes the product more cost-effective over time.


About Dr. Docasar:

Dr. Docasar is a member of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology and a Gynecological Cosmetic Surgeon with a private practice at Haydee Docasar, MD in Henderson who is also an integral member of the Laser Body Sculpting Institute.

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