ThermiVa™ in Las Vegas: Don’t Gamble With Your Confidence by AskDOCasar

We all know ThermiVa™ is the real-deal. The overnight success rate and countless women who have regained their confidence is indisputable. It’s a game change for Las Vegas and in more ways than one. Does it instantly produce results that make your most intimate parts youthful and pretty? Yes. Does it surprise women that there is now a non-surgical solution that not only saves money but actually has virtually no downtime providing same day relief? Yes.

But what excites me the most, as a woman, a friend, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a physician who cares deeply for her clients, is what it actually means to women who no longer have to live in shame or fear of a leaky bladder. Also, it treats successfully the thousands of women who suffer in silence from sexual dysfunction due to vaginal dryness or looseness. When I ask, “why did you wait so long to find a solution”, I am overwhelmingly met with the response of “I just thought this was a natural progression in aging without non surgical rejuvenation solutions”.

Most women do not readily contemplate surgery on their most intimate parts and I understand why, It’s overwhelming to even consider. Thankfully, as a Board Certified Ob-Gyn, I have a vast knowledge of the WHAT and HOW of  the ThermiVa™  process to ensure my clients are receiving the treatment exactly as it was intended if not better. You can find NP’s or PA’s jumping on the bandwagon or even general family physicians or general plastic doctors, but what truly sets me apart are my years of practice, experience and passion for treating all women, during all stages of their lives to ensure a quality of life that they deserve.

Don’t wait a day more to live the life you deserve! For your complimentary Vaginal Rejuvenation consultation, please contact me at 1-844-4THERMILV or 1-844-484-6372, you can also email me directly at Visit me at or

Haydee Docasar, MD

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